Thursday, 9 July 2020

Inside the Mystery of an Untranslatable 600 Year Old Book

quote [ It’s like Medieval Times, with a kiss of psychedelia. A book in which strange globules float freely, alien plants shimmy across the pages, and female figures slide into a pool of green plasma. Binding them all together? A beautiful, albeit entirely indecipherable script by an unknown author. The “Voynich Manuscript,” is an ancient codex that after even 600 years has yet to be credited to anyone or cracked by the brightest philosophers, mathematicians or computer scientists. ]

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mechanical contrivance said @ 12:58pm GMT on 9th Jul [Score:2]
I remember reading about this on SE before.
Paracetamol said[1] @ 6:51am GMT on 9th Jul
There was a supposed breakthrough recently, seeing the text start with the author having digestion problems in a Hebrew variant or something:

Has Yale’s mysterious Voynich Manuscript finally been deciphered?

And you can read it in full via Internet Archive
5th Earth said @ 2:04am GMT on 10th Jul
Personally I doubt it was a joke, as one theory says. Books like this were really, really expensive, let aloe the time and resources in actually writing it. Way too much investment for a joke.

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