Wednesday, 8 July 2020

BHP to introduce remote-in, remote-out arrangement - Australian Mining

quote [ BHP has flagged the start of a new travel arrangement called remote-in, remote-out, which emerged in response to the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19. ]

So remote viewing of employees? Meh, we already live in aworld full of cameras already.

"– this helped us cut through the bureaucracy and red tape and implement solutions faster than we thought possible,”
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steele said @ 6:12pm GMT on 9th Jul
Japanese Convenience Stores Test Robot Shelf-Stackers | Digital Trends

I've pointed this out before, but Remote VR workers are going to be what provides the data for neural networks that replace people. Which would be awesome if we lived in the sort of society that the general populace benefited from increased productivity. But since we don't...🤷‍♂️

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