Thursday, 2 July 2020

Guy Who Reverse-Engineered TikTok Reveals The Scary Things He Learned, Advises People To Stay Away From It

quote [ Facebook got itself into a sensitive data scandal when it did shady business with Cambridge Analytica, Instagram confirmed a security issue exposing user accounts and phone numbers, but these apps are basically online security havens compared to TikTok, according to one senior software engineer with about 15 years of professional experience. ]

Ah well, if even TikTok did not use HTTPS on their endpoints, maybe SE is not that far behind.
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mechanical contrivance said @ 2:01pm GMT on 2nd Jul
People don't care about security and privacy.
Paracetamol said @ 8:49am GMT on 3rd Jul
Here are more creepy accounts on TikTok and the like siphoning off clipboard data in ther apps:

TikTok and 32 other iOS apps still snoop your sensitive clipboard data

Passwords, bitcoin addresses, and anything else in clipboards are free for the taking.

Paracetamol said @ 7:28am GMT on 6th Aug
Okok, I know this post is a little old already, but here's another account of statistic decryption suggesting that while the app collects a lot of data, it does not add more creep layers than similar app telemetry.

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