Wednesday, 3 June 2020

De-escalation Keeps Protesters And Police Safer. Departments Respond With Force Anyway.

quote [ disproportionate police force is one of the things that can make a peaceful protest not so peaceful. But if we know that (and have known that for decades), why are police still doing it? ]

While joking about brightly marked deescalation teams back in the day – everytime they announced a soft approach, it turned out more satisfying for everybody than the confrontational years. This starts with simple things like wearing protection below the clothes instead of above, keeping visors open and the like.
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Hugh E. said @ 10:24pm GMT on 3rd Jun [Score:3]
This article does assume less violence is the universally desired outcome. That assumption is questionable.
the circus said @ 1:37am GMT on 4th Jun [Score:1 Underrated]
damnit said[1] @ 2:39am GMT on 4th Jun
Protests have the pretense that it could get violent.

Nonviolence only worked as long as there is a concurrent violent movement. the US didn't suddenly take MLK's side, but it helped his nonviolent methods for them to know the alternative was Malcolm X or the Black Panthers carrying around rifles, preaching "by any means necessary."

Gandhi is praised for his nonviolent resistance, but it was in stark contrast to numerous violent resistance against the British.

Good cop / bad cop.

Growing up, I only knew of MLK's civil disobedience and nonviolent protests. Nobody ever iterated and stressed that it was only after he was assassinated and 110 cities having riots causing $47m in damages that the US passed the Civil Rights act of 1968 after 6 days of riots.

Edit: Imagine someone in your neighborhood does you wrong. You ask them to remedy the problem and they refuse. You come back the next day with 10 friends and ask again. Even if you and your 10 friends *never touch* that person and are only present and talking about your grievance, violence is implied. That is the fucking of doing that.
quaint said[1] @ 5:00pm GMT on 4th Jun
Mao Tse Tung Said it, and he may well be right. :|

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