Saturday, 18 April 2020

How Medium became the best and worst place for coronavirus news

quote [ Medium’s mission seems like a relic from another era, one where people believed giving everyone a voice on the internet would make the world a better place.
It’s unclear how Medium solves that, and its opaque policies surrounding COVID-19 allow the company to enable the spread of misinformation while absolving itself of responsibility. Even Pueyo is self-aware of the platform’s dangers. When asked about people criticizing his article, he was okay with it: “I have no training in epidemiology,” he said. “You should definitely not trust me.” ]

While I don't like the website for it's shitty UI and pseudo-media behaviour, content is conveniently pre-reviewed by a filter bubble. Looks like there are more bubbles, eh?
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milkman666 said @ 11:41pm GMT on 18th Apr [Score:1 Underrated]
"Pueyo’s insight, which now seems obvious, was that novel coronavirus cases were growing exponentially. It was a pattern he recognized from when one of his apps had gone viral, adding 7 million users in three months. This comparison — viral apps to viral disease — would normally sound too convenient. This time, it actually worked." -The actual fucking article.

There has to be some sort of insight that im missing. I too, am not an medical professional, so maybe there are instances where a virus behaves in a manner that's not... viral. Where its growth is anything but exponential. Or maybe the readership of medium is not as sophisticated as say that of the average Hilights magazine reader. Doesn't explain why the Verge though would pass that along without actually explaining what actual dots Pueyo was connecting that no one else did.

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