Friday, 6 March 2020

Former Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock, who opposed gay marriage, comes out as gay

quote [ Aaron Schock came out as gay on social media. "“I can live openly now as a gay man because of the extraordinary brave people who had the courage to fight for our rights when I did not,” he said. ]

I'm not schocked - after all, don't all government gay bashers accent their moose-knuckle emphasizing white pants with heliotrope and robin’s egg blue?
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mechanical contrivance said @ 7:33pm GMT on 6th Mar [Score:1 Funsightful]
He only opposed gay marriage because of his fear of commitment.
SnappyNipples said @ 7:26pm GMT on 6th Mar
Oh god damn it, I rolled my eyes out of my skull.
dolemite said @ 9:23pm GMT on 6th Mar
That's one of the defining differences between Democrats and Republicans. Democrat sex scandals often involve two genders.
conception said @ 9:44pm GMT on 6th Mar
Or two genders but the woman having just gone through something physical traumatic like cancer or childbirth.
gendo666 said @ 5:59am GMT on 7th Mar
These guys are all the same and it's like they are all so DEEPLY AGAINST SOMETHING because it's MORALLY WRONG and AGAINST THE WILL OF GOD.
and are the same guys who are always paying for sex, fucking underage girls in an abuse of power and blowing truckers in truckstop glory-holes.
Generally people who are willing to take a moderate stance are the most likely to be actually moderate.
It's like the research they did on brainwashing and it's the Super Patriots who are the quickest broken and ready for whatever Manchurian Candidate mindfuckery vrs those who can admit that the system they are involved in has flaws and are not as easily broken.
I think that religiously speaking the J-man was all about this with his "cast the first stone" speech.
zarathustra said @ 6:59am GMT on 7th Mar [Score:1 Good]
I have cast a fire onto the world, and see, I watch over it until it blazes.

- j-man.
gendo666 said[1] @ 6:46pm GMT on 7th Mar
Not enough people are calling Jesus J-man in my opinion.

I like this version as well...
“I have come to set the world on fire, and I wish it were already burning!"

And I like this guy's take on it as well.

Also the album is named "Storm front".
Is Billy Joel (another J-man) a secret skinhead?
arrowhen said @ 12:29pm GMT on 7th Mar
I'm schocked, schocked.
mechanical contrivance said @ 10:58pm GMT on 7th Mar
That sounds like something he would say in bed.

"Are you ready to get Schocked?"

"You need a good Schocking"

"I'm gonna Schock you like Zeus."

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