Monday, 27 January 2020

Senate Testimony for Term Limits on Congress by Nick Tomboulides from U.S. Term Limits

quote [ If passing term limits were a trial, you would all have to recuse yourselves for a colossal conflict of interest. ]

This man is my new Hero. He definitely made some people uncomfy with the points he was making.

I dislike posted videos, and I dislike posting them even more, but this one is too important to miss
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steele said[1] @ 2:49pm GMT on 27th Jan
rylex said @ 6:39pm GMT on 27th Jan
yep. kinda knew they were behind it. and im aware the goal is removal of some long term democrats.

But let's be frank, some of those democrats need to be gone. same for some republicans. this only benefits republicans in that they hold the party lines together and most wont stray on policy change.
steele said @ 8:05pm GMT on 27th Jan
This benefits whomever can afford to fund political campaigns. Remember, what we're looking at in the Sanders/OurRevolution grassroots crowdfunding is an outlier of US electoral politics for like fucking decades now. The Koch Brothers financing groups to end Term Limits goes hand in hand with their funding of Citizen United, other court cases meant to limit poor citizens' involvement, and the faux grassroots of the Tea Party. It's one of the driving forces behind neoliberal politics; To prevent the "revolt of the masses" via limiting their power to organize and influence the system. Matter of fact, in 1962 asshole James Buchanan (one of the fathers of neoliberalism) wrote in the Calculus of Consent that left to their own devices, majority rule tended to result in what he claimed was "overinvestment" in the public sector, because politicians were forced to respond to their constituents' needs. Since then billions and billions of dollars have been spent on propaganda, targeted judiciary rulings, and legislation to prevent that.

If there's not significant strides made by the leftist grassroots organizations in these next few election cycles, their ability to crowdfund is going to drop as their supporters are less able to contribute financially, leaving the oligarchs and their faux movements as the only game in town... as far as electoral politics go.

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