Monday, 23 December 2019

Baba Ram Dass has died at age 88

quote [ Ram Dass promoted LSD as path to enlightenment before undergoing spiritual rebirth detailed in the influential book Be Here Now ]

If you haven't read "Be Here Now", pick up a copy somewhere and read it.

then read it high on LSD.

I chanted with this guy more than a few times at Oregon Country Fair. gonna miss his guidance.

Ohm namah shivaya
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[by rylex@6:51pmGMT]


slaytanik said[1] @ 7:05pm GMT on 23rd Dec
Read on LSD ? I'd need to find my eye balls out of the pile first
You might need to fix your link too
steele said @ 7:14pm GMT on 23rd Dec
Link is broken. think I fixed it.
rylex said @ 9:39pm GMT on 23rd Dec
thanks. having service issues today
steele said @ 9:49pm GMT on 23rd Dec
welcome. no worries.
steele said @ 7:16pm GMT on 23rd Dec

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