Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Adult Wednesday Addams (Full Series)

quote [ Adult Wednesday Addams' 'Wednesday Addams is played by Melissa Hunter. Originally posted on Youtube but removed due to legal issues. ]

This is much better written than I thought it would be.
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Hugh E. said @ 3:37am GMT on 8th Oct
Your expectations must have been grotesquely dismal.
gendo666 said @ 4:56am GMT on 8th Oct
I remember this from forever ago.
Good to see it again and topical with the new movie coming out.
Interesting to see them going with the more original designs.
My girlfriend's mind was a little blown when I told her they were originally from the New Yorker.
daffyduck said @ 8:16am GMT on 8th Oct
Never heard of the series before this. I mostly paid attention to the thumb and the word 'adult' in the title, disappointed when I noticed the category.
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:00pm GMT on 8th Oct
I was expecting penetration.
rndmnmbr said @ 5:13pm GMT on 8th Oct
And this is Bob. Bob's a breather.
daboo said @ 10:27pm GMT on 9th Oct
I really enjoyed this! thanks!

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