Monday, 7 October 2019

Why New York City Stopped Building Subways

quote [ Nearly 80 years ago, a construction standstill derailed the subway into its present crisis. ]

We need to create the Uber for subways with on the demand subway train pick up and drop offs.
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avid said @ 4:38am GMT on 7th Oct
I'm not sure I buy that loss of some know-how and some labor relations problems account for the 8x increase in the cost of subway construction. I suspect it's more that it's simply an uncompetitive industry, and there's nobody that will bid a reasonable rate for these projects.

The money's going someplace, and it's not like they are burning $4billion in coal to dig adamantium out of these tunnels.
conception said @ 2:33pm GMT on 7th Oct
I suspect it's probably also regulation. I suspect we were comfortable with a fair more number of deaths and injuries up until the last few decades.

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