Wednesday, 11 September 2019

NC House Republicans override Gov. Cooper’s budget veto while he’s at 9/11 memorial event

quote [ North Carolina House Republicans called a surprise vote and overrode Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget veto on Wednesday morning, Cooper said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

According to a tweet by State Sen. Jeff Jackson (D-Mecklenburg), almost half of the House members were absent when the vote was taken, which resulted in a 55-9 tally.

Jackson said Democrats were specifically told by Republicans that no votes would be held in Wednesday’s morning session. ]

Commemorating 9/11 by owning the libs through dishonest and anti-democratic conduct.
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[by biblebeltdrunk@5:33pmGMT]


Spleentwentythree said @ 7:09pm GMT on 11th Sep [Score:2]
Like its the first time the republicans have taken advantage of the 9/11 attacks for their own ends
arrowhen said @ 6:03pm GMT on 11th Sep [Score:1 Good]
I've never understood why Congresscritters are even allowed to not vote when that's literally their job. It's like being a barista who's somehow never around when it's time to pour the coffee.
rylex said @ 7:02pm GMT on 11th Sep
you mean it's like my local coffee shop which is now closed on Monday. the one fucking day people need coffee the most!
cb361 said @ 5:53pm GMT on 11th Sep
It's what the employees at Cantor Fitzgerald would have wanted.
mechanical contrivance said @ 6:49pm GMT on 11th Sep
Democracy in action.
thepublicone said @ 8:50pm GMT on 11th Sep
On 9/11, when everyone is at ceremonies?

Man, that's some cold shit right there, not to mention a big ole "Fuck you!" to, well, America.
steele said @ 8:54pm GMT on 11th Sep
mugrimm on Twitter: "Post 9/11 thread for people to post the wildest shit they remember from 01 to 06 I'll start: People thought Osama had an entire mountain hollowed out that he was using as his base and that's why AQ was hard to find and that somehow a group of like 30 dudes arranged this.

Some quality shit here. #madpridewasright
cb361 said @ 7:50am GMT on 12th Sep
Madpride wasn’t wrong. Just 12 years ahead of its time.

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