Saturday, 24 August 2019

Emails Show Monsanto Orchestrated GOP Effort to Intimidate Cancer Researchers

quote [ In one email sent by Todd Rands, a former Monsanto attorney working with FTI, sent a draft of a letter ostensibly written by Rep. Rob Aderholt, R-Ala., a senior lawmaker on the House Appropriations Committee, addressed to Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes for Health. NIH is the government agency responsible for most federal public health research and is the largest funder to the IARC. The letter, in fact, had been written by FTI consultants, along with Rands’s edits, according to his deposition testimony. ]

Bolivia Orders World's Largest Air Tanker to Combat Amazon Fires

Bernie's Green New Deal announced a few days ago.

Pia Klemp, the German ship captain who rescued migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, refused a medal from the Mayor of Paris and called them out in extended.

Paris, I love you. I love you for all the free and solidarian people that live in you. Fighting for their freedom everyday, standing shoulder to shoulder, distributing blankets, friendship and solidarity. I love you for those who are sharing their homes, love and struggles everyday - regardless of their nationality, regardless if they have papers or not.

Madame Hidalgo, you want to award me a medal for my solidarian action in the Mediterranean Sea, because our crews 'work to rescue migrants from difficult conditions on a daily basis'. At the same time your police is stealing blankets from people that you force to live on the streets, while you raid protests and criminalize people that are standing up for rights of migrants and asylum seekers. You want to give me a medal for actions that you fight in your own ramparts. I am sure you won't be surprised that I decline the medaille Grand Vermeil.

Paris, I'm not a humanitarian. I am not there to 'aid'. I stand with you in solidarity. We do not need medals. We do not need authorities deciding about who is a 'hero' and who is 'illegal'. In fact they are in no position to make this call, because we are all equal.
What we need are freedom and rights. It is time we call out hypocrite honorings and fill the void with social justice. It is time we cast all medals into spearheads of revolution!

Documents and housing for all!
Freedom of movement and residence!
- Pia Klemp.
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steele said @ 5:19pm GMT on 24th Aug
MLS has been banning "political banners" dealing with anti-fascism and anti-racism. Fans and Clubs have been protesting in acts of solidarity.

Timbers Army stages protest at Timbers-Sounders game in response to MLS ban on ‘Iron Front’ symbol, political displays -
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:28pm GMT on 26th Aug
I would be very annoyed if a banner was blocking my view of the game.
Paracetamol said[2] @ 7:32pm GMT on 24th Aug
Was about to post this at some point, but let's just put it here:

‘Monsanto Has Worked Very Hard to Discredit Me and My Work’

[Edit:] this is an interview with a former Reuters journalist being bullied pretty hard for publishing a book about the side effects of weedkillers.
steele said @ 8:21pm GMT on 24th Aug
Your link is broken/missing.
Paracetamol said @ 8:24pm GMT on 24th Aug
repaired! Funny – putting the link in SELINK seemed to work fine, so I didn't check again :P
rylex said @ 9:21pm GMT on 24th Aug
the long arm of monsanto reaches even unto the code of SE!
steele said @ 9:30pm GMT on 24th Aug
Oh, that's what it was. Hmm, I'll have to work on that. I put the feature together but never officially released it because of how unreliable other websites have been with the opengraph tags.
LacheChance said @ 2:39am GMT on 27th Aug
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