Monday, 12 August 2019

Northern Soul Top 500

quote [ The Twisted Wheel, the sound was Motown, Stax, Atlantic and their imitators – American Soul music with an express train beat that found a spiritual home in England’s North and a name… ‘Northern Soul’. ]

Coming from a music nerd's book, cobbling these together digitally got a rejuvenation in the earlier internet days. Find more thoughts and some of my favourites in the extended.

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[by Paracetamol@7:40amGMT]


EvilNinjaX24 said @ 8:22pm GMT on 12th Aug
What I love about this list is that, especially the top of it, many artists I've heard of and have music from are noted, but the songs are ones I don't think I've ever heard (at least not in full). Basically, I have some listening to do.

Also, I love the whole Northern Soul thing, and I've been a bit fascinated with the phenomenon since I first heard of it. It's amazing what good music can do, and how it touches people, regardless of its origins.

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