Monday, 8 July 2019

A shorter workweek should be a key part of the Green New Deal

quote [ Every hour you work contributes to the climate crisis. One way to cut emissions: more days off. ]

Yes! Working less is the actual mindful thing to do. Too bad employers seldom honour the positive impacts.
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steele said[2] @ 5:54pm GMT on 9th Jul [Score:1 Underrated]
Paul Mason's Postcapitalism (which I had on the neoliberal reading list) had a pretty good take on using UBI to cut worker's hours and shift us towards a post-scarcity society as part of a Green New Deal, but we've probably passed a tipping point where we need to not just cut hours, but rather de-industrialize ourselves quite a bit. Even the most pro-global warming articles in corporate media are for the most part still not treating the situation as the extinction event that it is. They're not discussing the need for a planned economy, of getting people off the roads and into renewable-powered mass transit, of shutting down major shipping lanes and air traffic, of creating compassionate and dynamic methods of providing refugees with safe havens, of taking our remaining carbon budget and using it to technologically bring lagging countries into the present via mass deployment of renewables for fucking free.

We're just strolling along on our merry way towards eco-fascism and extinction. Yay!

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