Sunday, 10 February 2019

In Elkhart, Indiana, Another Conviction Gets Tossed. The Star Witness Was Hypnotized, a Fact the Prosecutor Concealed.

quote [ The prosecutor who failed to disclose the use of hypnosis is now a judge. He knew the hypnotist from the Kiwanis Club. ]

Sometimes your words just hypnotize me (hypnotize)
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Centim64 said @ 3:02pm GMT on 10th Feb
I didn't think Hypnotism was admissible in court. I could be wrong of course.
backSLIDER said @ 7:29pm GMT on 10th Feb
Even if you don't believe hypnotism works you have to admit the methods involved is definitely going to alter any testimony and make it suspect at best.
ooo[......7 said @ 7:50pm GMT on 10th Feb
No, I really don't. Hypnotism is a relic from the days of the flappers. White people frequently want a bearded brown person to show them the divinity they are afraid to see in themselves. If they did they would also have to see the darkness and that's just scary.

Unless the hypnotism involved either electro shock or drugs, it's not going to affect anything.
bobolink said @ 10:04pm GMT on 10th Feb
No, you don't have to admit anything. The courts have already decided on the credibility of evidence given by witnesses who have undergone hypnosis as discussed in the article. You are free to pontificate on tangential issues. On a side note, it's called electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). There are several ways besides ECT and drugs to alter brain states.
ooo[......7 said @ 10:11pm GMT on 10th Feb
I know all about ECT, saved my mother from her demons.
hellboy said @ 10:06pm GMT on 10th Feb
Hey, let's not get distracted from the really important thing here: being tough on crime.
5th Earth said @ 3:07pm GMT on 11th Feb
But what about the children?

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