Saturday, 18 July 2015

AskSE: What do you look like?

quote [ :Mythtyn: I would like to congratulate SE on going over a year without a what do you look like post! Must be a record. ]

This one's for you, Mythtyn.

This post is comedy, so I'm encouraging hilarious, terrible, or hilariously terrible photos.

Edit: Some of you are having trouble posting your photos, it looks like mostly because you're using a service that's generating an HTML page instead of giving you a hard link to the image. Here's some help.

1. Go to

2. Hit the upload button at the top.

3. Choose your poison on getting it uploaded, but I recommend saving the image to your desktop in advance and then drag-and-dropping it to the upload box.

4. On the page you get after the upload is complete, there will be a box labeled "HTML (website / blogs)". Copy/paste that into your reply, and wrap it with spoiler tags. Done.
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